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Autism Therapy
Senior Physiotherapy
Physical Therapy Session

Country Based Mobile Occupational Therapy Services 

We are a small team of occupational therapists with experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults. We work with our clients to achieve their best occupational therapy outcome.

We are very family centered and have the parents or carers in the sessions so you can practice what we teach each session. We provide mobile services and location-based services to cater to needs of participants who can travel and ones who would like us to visit them at their home.



Disease Management
Support Services
Occupational Services

Assessments that we offer

Adult assessments

  • Supported disability accomodation (SDA) assessment 

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) assessment 

  • Independent Living Option (ILO) assessment

  • Sensory assessment

  • Functional Capacity assessment

  • Assistive Technology assessment

Person with Crutches

Paediatric assessments

  • Sensory assessments

  • Screening tests to aid your Paediatrician, psychologist or medical professional with diagnosis of Autism, dyslexia, ADHD and
    behavioural issues

Child at Psychologist

Mental Health OT and assessments

  • Adult

  • Youth

  • Older aged

Attentive Therapist

Registered Provider

NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian Government Scheme that helps support eligible Australians living with a permanent or significant disability. The NDIS is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIS can be used to help identify and achieve your goals. With Country Therapy, you can use your NDIS funding for Therapy.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of supporting eligible Australians living with a permanent or significant disability.

The NDIS gives eligible participants an invaluable opportunity to build their skill sets for everyday tasks, purchase NDIS consumable products such as continence, nutrition, and wound care products, and provide access to in-home care services or re-join the workforce.

To see if you or someone you provide care for is eligible to become an NDIS participant, please visit the NDIS website.


This NDIS plan will be used to help identify and achieve your goals, whether that'll be securing a job, joining a social group, or arranging and paying for products and personal care to assist in everyday life.

Paraplegic Sporting Event
Children in School


 Clients with complex and chronic care needs may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 5 sessions a year with Allied Health Professionals.


Please contact your GP or Paediatrician to determine if you are eligible and arrange for a referral prior to attending Occupational Therapy sessions you wish to claim. 


We are able to provide Medicare rebates for our services from an onsite Hicaps terminal.



Country Therapy is committed to delivering the best care to our elderly community members. We do home based assessments, transfer assessment, in home care help and support, home modifications and much more.

old couple

Other Occupational Services

  • Sensory processing / modulation training

  • Support in developing fine and gross motor skills

  • Social skills

  • Attention and Concentration

  • Emotional Regulation 

  • Self care: including sleep, toilet training, meal times / feeding skills

  • Play skills

  • Handwriting

  • Visual motor skills training